Australian federal election, 2007
Flag of Australia

200420 October 2007 2010

All 150 seats in the Australian House of Representatives
76 seats were needed for a majority in the House
40 (of the 76) seats in the Australian Senate
First party Second party
225px-Image-Howard2003upr Ac.marklatham
Leader John Howard Mark Latham
Party Liberal/National Coalition Labor
Leader since 30 January 1995 5 March 2005
Leader's seat Bennelong Werriwa
Last election 84 seats 63 seats
Seats won 91 seats 57 seats
Seat change Green Arrow Up7 Red Arrow Down6
Popular vote 6,518,012 5,901,980
Percentage 52.48% 47.52%
Swing Green Arrow Up0.65 Red Arrow Down0.65

Prime Minister before election

John Howard
Liberal/National Coalition

Elected Prime Minister

John Howard
Liberal/National Coalition

Federal election staged to determine the members of the 42nd Parliament of Australia was held on Saturday 20 October 2007 in which 13.6 million Australian's were enrolled to vote. All 150 seats in the House of Representatives and 40 of the seats in the 76-member Senate were up for election.

The incumbent centre-right Liberal/National Coalition led by Prime Minister of Australia John Howard defeated the opposition Australian Labor Party led by Leader of the Opposition Mark Latham. The re-election was the Coalition's fifth election victory since coming to office in 1996.

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