Nations and former colonies





  • Flag of Australia Australia, the colonial power.
    • Flag of the Dutch East India Company The Dutch Government in Exile in the Dutch East Indies- Rejoined the Netherlands in 1948.5
    • Flag of IndonesiaWest Indonesia- Rebelled and seceded with Aussie blessing in 1948, one year early.
    • Flag of AcehBanda Aceh- Rejoined the Netherlands in 1948.5
    • Flag of East Timor Timor- Aussie State since 1957,
    • Flag of Kayin State South Burma- Merged with South Thailand in 1954. 
    • Flag of Sulawesi North Sulawesi- Rejoined the Netherlands in 1948.5
      AvAReb 1954


    • Flag of New Caledonia New Caledonia- Aussie State since 1957.
    • Flag of Thailand South Thailand- Partly Aussie dominated, friendly, anti-Axis, autonomous client state. Remained Australian Indochina and expanded in 1954. As nationalism rose faster than anticipated, it seceded with Aussie's blessing in 1954.5, 4.5 years early.
      • Flag of the Shan State Shan State- South Thai military territory that joined Thailand in 1954. It is now called West Indochina.
    • Flag of Pattani Patani Darussalam- Joined kindred British Malaya in 1951.5.
    • Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea- Australian State since 1957.
    • Flag of Nauru Nauru- Autonomous Aussie colony.
    • Morning Star flagWest Papua- Australian State since 1957.5.


Indonisia's final plans (AVARrb)

The original plans for Indonesia.

1952 Ausse-Burma war endgame AVArb

1952.0. Mission completed, over and out!


Aussie decolonisation plan

  1. Banda Ache, Australian Indochina and West Indonesia will become grey states open to a new player. Australia will have free trade deals with them and a military base in the capitals to prevent a takeover by others unless the mods kick the Aussies out or players take the nations over, making the Aussie troops obsolete. They did except BA, which became Dutch once more.

  1. Muslim Pattani in South Thailand will join Malaya. It did in 1951.
  2. If The Netherlands is free, then the Government in exile and the islands, like Bali, who like the Dutch, will rejoin a free Netherlands. If the Netherlands are not free then they stay an Aussie client state in Indochina. It did happen in 1948.5.
  3. Note this language site, this explains some of the ethno-linguistic and cultural splits in Indonesia. [1]. The Malukans and Timor are Christian, Bali is Hindu and the rest are Islamic save for a few rural Papuan pagan tribes.
  4. Shan State will merge with Thailand in 1959. It did in 1954.