Rhine War


Kongo Wars

Australian War

March 31, 1845


November 3, 1845


Continental Australia

  • Australia unifies the continent and New Zealand under imperial rule
  • New Louisiana is dissolved
  • Relations between Louisiana and Australia are severed

Eureka Flag Australia

Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Louisiana

  • Māori peoples
  • New Louisiana

Eureka Flag Edward I
Eureka Flag John Maxwell

Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Louis I
Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Robert Lèvesque




Casualties and Losses



The Australian War was a very short conflict initiated by Edward I, who desired to unite the entirety of the south Pacific under his rule. He began a military buildup in early 1845, which was condemned by Louis I of Louisiana, who was wary of Australian ambitions to capture the colony of New Louisiana. Louis I then made close ties with Native New Zealanders and others who would help him in his efforts, but he was unable to assemble a large enough army in New Louisiana to stave off the attack that came in late March 1845.

The war was also a civil war of sorts for Australia, fought between those loyal to President George Gipps and Emperor Edward I, who had seized power a few months prior in the northeastern region of the country and occupied the capital. However, George Gipps was defeated quickly, as he had few supporters after the rocky period under his leadership, and was unable to raise an army quickly enough.

After a few months of fighting, Louis agreed to sell the colony of New Louisiana for the equivalent of $8,750,000. Following the defeat of the Louisianans under the command of General Robert Lévesque, the Australians then invaded, occupied, and ultimately annexed the neighboring provinces of Tasmania and New Zealand. Later, George Gipps returned to Great Britain and died in Oxford.

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