The Australian Revolutionary War? (Also known as the Australian War? or the Eureka War) was a military conflict and uprising that took place from 1854 to 1857 between the British Empire and the Australian colonies, supported by the United States, Canada and France.

The war began on the 3rd of December, 1854 as a result of the Eureka Rebellion, when miners during the gold rush grew restless due to the announcement of a licence fee. After the resounding victory by the miners, many cities, particularly Ballarat, Melbourne, Bathurst and Sydney, saw the rise of militias and people who considered themselves Australian rather than British. Sydney and Melbourne were considered the de facto? capital cities of the two colonies New South Wales and Victoria, respectively.

Whilst the war was initially mixed for both sides, the Battle of Bathurst proved to be a turning point for the Australians, who then made steady progress up until the Siege of Sydney, where the war ended and the British government subsequently recognised the two colonies as sovereign nations. However, disputes over how the united nation should be run soon caused slight tension.

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