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The Kingdom of Australia
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Flag of the Empire of Australia (PM) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
New London {{{capital}}}
Largest city New London
Religion Christian
Ethnic Group Bharati, British
Demonym Australian Kingdom, Australia
Government Feudal Monarchy
King Arthur I
  Royal house: Gregory
Population 12,105,000 
Established 1877
Currency AUD
Organizations Australian Movement
For many years, the Australian Kingdom was a nation in OTL North-West Australia, ruled by a feudal monarchy established by John Austraman. Australian Kingdom had good relations with Bharat since the beginning of formation of kingdom until the War of "Bharatian Aggression". Australian Kingdom was allied with France in a Franco-Australian Military and Economic Alliance (FAMEA).

Australia was in a dynastic union with Bharat until 1960. It gained full independence in 1960, May 2.

In a new conservative commonwealth, Australia is allied with Denmark, Saigyo and Eetoria, and is re-establishing good relations with Asian countries, except Bharat, even if more than 90% of Australian population are Bharatti culture.

John Austraman

John Austraman was a British nobleman's son. His background history is comparable to just any other street kid. However he is known for the creation of a medieval combat board game, which he called "Swedish Knights".

Steps to a leader

From his childhood, John has proven himself that he was a great leader. While in the primary school, he was always the leader of the battle role-plays with other children. During his secondary school times, he has led many research projects on animals. When he joined the university, he was has scored best grade in the final exam in politics.

During his military career, he has raised himself to the rank of lieutenant of 2nd anti-Swedish occupation rebellion but which, however, never saw its raise. The rebellion was never started, but the training was happening each day. In his second year of working there, he got heavily injured in the leg, and he was still walking hard until his death.

Previous king

Before his death, John Austraman was married to Maria Wozniak (Polish) and had two sons: Richard Austraman and Aussie Austraman, who was successor to the throne of Australian Kingdom after his death.

Aussie Austraman

Aussie Austraman was the second king of the Australian Kingdom and a first son of John Austraman. He was also known as John I of the Australian Kingdom. He entered the throne in 1920, when he was 33 years old (born 1887).

He finished Razvey Primary School, Razvey Secondary School and graduated in politics in Razvey University (Razvey is a second biggest city in the Australian Kingdom).

He was also known for his sword fighting performance.

He killed himself in a War of "Bharatian Aggression", which was actually provoked by himself.

Conservative Party

From 1960, Australia is run by conservative party. It is ruled by HM's Government of Australia, by King Arthur I of Gregory dynasty, which is primarily British.

Meaning of the flags

Australian Movement


Australian Movement Flag

The flag was created as soon as the Australian Movement had started, and was designed by the most famous Australian designers. It is the flag of the Australian Movement and the old flag of the Kingdom.

Currently, the pink windows in the flag represent the actual windows of the houses during night time. The image on the top-left corner represents a scheme of the room, where John Austraman was giving orders from in the opening stages of the Australian Movement.

The flag was also flown on the flagship of the combined Australian Movement fleet which consisted of some 2047 British-Swedish colonists and 5124 Bharati colonists who came to the colony as well.

Kingdom of Australia

Flag of the Empire of Australia (PM)

Flag of the Kingdom of Australia

The current flag of the Kingdom of Australia was designed by the King and his leading artists together. The flag is the official flag of the Australian Kingdom and is flown from the King's Palace.

The Kangaroo on the flag stands for the national animal, the Kangaroo, and it represents the great strides the nation has made and will make. The green background for grass and plants and it represents the fertile soil. The blue represents the sea as well as the sky for the stars. The stars are easily seen from the kingdom and thus their addition into the flag.

The most important element, however, is probably the room which dominates the top left corner. This is the room the king makes all his decisions from. Keen observers will note it looks almost the same as the room on the previous flag and this is because the King had the room built in a very similar fashion to the one he had in England, but with "Australian" colours.

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