Australian federal election, 2010
2007 ← 21 August 2010 →2013

All 150 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

76 seats were needed for a majority in the House 40 (of the 76) seats in the Australian Senate

First party Second party
[1] [2]
Leader Julia Gillard Tony Abbott
Party Labor Liberal/Greens Coalition
Leader since 24 June 2010 1 December 2009
Leader's seat Lalor Warringah
Last election 83 seats 65 seats
Seats won 71 seats 78 seats
Seat change 2 2
Popular vote 6,198,701 6,203,661
Percentage 49.98% 50.02%
Prime Minister before election

Julia Gillard, Labor

Resulting Prime Minister

Tony Abbott, Liberal

The 2010 federal election was the result of Kevin Rudd stepping down to his Deputy Julia Gillard. She called for an election on the 17th of July, and it was to be held on the 21st August. It was between the Liberal leader Tony Abbott and the Labour leader and prime minister Julia Gillard.

The Liberal leader Tony Abbott would eventually go on to win with a the slight majority of 0.04% in the popular vote and get the majority of seats in the house of representatives (78). The greens were the only other party to get a seat in the house, one of only 3 other times in history. The Abbott government came into effect with the the 14th September swearing in of the new prime minister.

2010 HOR

Parliament after the election.

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