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Stylistic origins Disco, Synthpop, Australian Punk, Electronic Music
Cultural origins Mid 1990s, Australia
Typical instruments Synthesiser, Drum Machine, Vocoder, Sampler, Electric Guitar, Bass

Australian Electro is a genre of Electronic music that first became prominent in the early 1990s. It had its roots from Australian punk. Records in the genre typically feature drum machines and a fair amount of electronic sounds, sometimes without vocals.


It first developed in Brisbane, Australia, when a Australian punk group begun using the synthesiser back in 1988. From there it begun to develop further. In 1990, another Australian Punk Rock group had popularised the use of the synthesiser in their punk rock music, and soon the synthesiser was used in other music, such as disco and Synthpop. In 1990, Australian Electro took form when an Australian band went and used several key instruments that helped established the genre. By 1994, the first Australian band had emerged that was dedicated to newly established Australian Electro genre, and managed to produce several mildly successful albums.