Australian Civil War
Part of An Nuclear-Flu Doomsday
Date 1964 - 1969
Location Australia
Result Major Australia Republican Victory
  • Australian Military Junta officially ended and Re-Democratization in 1974 to refomed as Mult-party Federal Constitutional Republic
  • Radical Monarchists went into hiding in the outback
  • Nation itself rebuilding over several years of fighting leave nation into damaged and rumble
  • Mostly non-violent Monarchists from remaining Monarchist control terroirteis flead back to Europe
  • Native Australians (Aboriginals) control Northern Australian State politics (As to Federalized remaining last land to "Modernized" the Post-Civil War nation)
Provisional Australian Republic (1964-1969)

Labour Party (Since 1964)
Radical Republican movements (Since "first days of Civl War")
Liberal Party (Spliter Republican group) (1966-1969)

Radical Australian Monarchists rebel groups

Conservative Party (Later as Liberal Party) (Paramilitary wing)

Commanders and leaders
Various Various
Total of approx. 40,000 Total of approx. 60,000
Casualties and losses
5000 to 8750 20,560

It's a civil military conflict that takes place in Australia for six years with major Republican victory with making most of all monarchist rebel groups surrenders until four re-emerged from survival in Outback in the 1990s as terrorist groups want to reinstall the monarchy with their own royal family.








Battles and Campaigns

Anti-Republican Uprising in West Australia

First Battle of Sydney

Battle of Canberra

Outback Wars

Battles of West Australia

Second Battle of Sydney

Northern Australian Campaign

Air Strikes at Perth and Darwin

Battle of Darwin

First Battle of Perth

Battles of South Australia

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