(PoD, 1940's to present day starts at WW-II) The Australians dismiss The United Kingdom's help as in the OTL, but as well as accepting the Americans' help they also get asked by the Chinese and other Asian allies for help with the Japanese, starting the Asia-Pacific Alliance.

Member Nations include: 






New Zealand,


Other island nations (e.g. Kirabati)


1939: Australia declares war on Germany.

1941: China declares war on the Axis powers, Pearl Harbor attack brings the US into the war.

1942: Japanese occupy Singapore, the British pull out, leaving the remaining Australians to retreat, the Americans lend a hand with Singapore.

1943 (PoD starts) The Chinese are being crushed by the Imperial Army, the ask the remaining Australian and US forces available to combat the Red (and White) army :P

1944: July 14, Japanese invasion of Asia is halted due to disease and low supplies, The Manhattan project is being tested in a joint Central Asian-Oceanic-America alliance or CAOAA (a NATO-like group) nuclear tests being used in the New Mexico desert.

1944: August 5th, Imperial Japanese Army takes Guadalcanal in a surprise attack starting the Second Battle of Guadalcanal.

1945: February 2, The Second Battle of the Coral Sea, Chinese, Indian, American, and Australian forces are barely holding the Coral Sea as the Japanese bomb Darwin.

1945: April 20th, The combined forces of the CAOAA sail to Asia to aid the Allied armies in the steppes of Mongolia in the Battle for Ulaanbaatar.

1946: July 10th, The Americans drop Little Boy on Hiroshima, many Japanese people protest for surrender to the CAOAA.

1946: July 14th: The Chinese plane Zehngon IV drops a nuclear bomb on Kyoto killing three million people.

1947: The Japanese surrender ending WW-II.

1948: The Chinese nationalists defeat the Communist party in the national election, the Communists are exiled to The Soviet Union.

1950: The CAOAA forms an alliance with former Nazi scientists, their leader, Werner von Braun, to build a joint space program. JFK makes his iconic speech get to the moon by 1975.

1952: The CAOAA launches the first of the modified V-2 rockets to a suborbital trajectory to test modifications for space travel.

1955: The first living creature in space, a fruit fly (it was launched by accident in the shell of a V2).

1960: First satellite launched into space via the Sydney Harbour Launch facillity in Australia, Cape Canaveral launches a second satellite the following year.

1963: After years of tests the first man in space, a one man rocket Eureka 1 and its American counterpart Liberty 7, are launched five days apart.

1969: The first men on the moon, Neil Armstrong (USA), Ling Yao (China) and Jules Wright (New Zealand) meet their Soviet counterparts in a mutual agreement is formed to build a colony.  

1972: Apollo 13 lands with supplies to build Harmony 1, an experimental moonbase that will hold 350 people. 

1975: Hermes 4 crash lands into the Sea of Tranquillity killing all three members of the crew    

1982: The US and New Zealand launch the first reusable spacecraft to a refueling station in LEO. The mission is extended to explore around the dark side of the moon. 

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