On the 30th of December 2010, Indonesian troops opened fire upon Australian Troops in East Timor. The Australian troops returned fire and 30 minutes later 24 F-15 AUSEagles took off from Darwin to strike several targets in Indonesia including the capital. One AUSEagle was lost but the damage was done. Indonesian troops soon faced the sleeping giant Australia which was said by many to be the Southern Hemisphere's America. By New Years' Eve Australian troops were entering towns and cities in Indonesia and the battle really started to heat up.

By the 1st of January Australian troops were being held at the city of Cirebon just outside of Jakarta but the battle for the skies were in the RAAF's favour But the Indonesians had received some special gifts from Russia which were eight MiG-1.44 fighters but the Australians still had the edge because they had already gotten air superiority over most of Indonesia so most of them were hidden very well until one was finally shot down by an AUSEagle on a CAP mission over Jakarta. The lone AUSEagle spotted the UFO flying west over the city he went in for a closer look and saw Indonesian air force marking. He fired one Sparrow missile at the UFO but missed when the UFO turned towards him. After they merged the AUSEagle banked right and got good tone for the sidewinder but he waited until he was right behind him. The UFO continued flying East towards ADF lines. When the AUSEagle was directly behind the UFO he fired one Sidewinder and it tracked it hit the UFO in the left engine. The UFO caught fire and crashed into the ground. A day later it was confirmed as a MiG-1.44. It was the first loss of a MiG-1.44 and it would not be the last. Two days later a flight of eight AUSEagles carrying two Sidewinders and two Sparrows on an armed recon mission where their orders were to only fire if fired upon or if they saw a MiG-1.44 When one of them did he fired one Sparrow and scored a hit downing it. Then two A-4 Skyhawks engaged the AUSEagles but were shot down. Then out of nowhere a MiG-1.44 shot down an AUSEagle with its gun. One AUSEagle pursued the MiG down to tree top level and used its gun to shoot down the MiG. It was the last air combat of the short conflict because two days later Indonesia surrendered and the Australian troops withdrew from the area.

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