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Flag of Australia (converted)

Australia | Commonwealth of Australia

Capital: Canberra

Largest city: Sydney (4,757,083)

National language: English

Religions: Protestant Christianity (35.8%), Catholic Christianity (25.3%), Orthodox Christianity (4.0%), Buddhism (2.5%), Hinduism (2.2%), Sikhism (1.3%), Ishmaelism (1.2%), Others (1.9%), Non-religious (25.8%)

Demonym: Australian

Government: Constitutional monarchy | Federal parliamentary

Monarch: Elizabeth II

Governor-General: Peter Cosgrove

Prime Minister: Tony Abbott

Legislature: Parliament

Upper House: Senate

Lower House: House of Representatives

Independence (from the United Kingdom):

-Constitution: 1 January 1901

-Statute of Westminster: 9 October 1942

Area: 7,692,024 sq km

Population (2014): 23,619,200

Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)

Internet TLD: .au

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