Commonwealth of Australia
Timeline: Triple Entente vs. Central Powers (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Australia
Flag of Australia 1903-1909 Coat of Arms of Australia
Anthem "God Save the Queen"
Capital Melbourne
Largest city Sydney
  others Indigenous Australian Languages
Secular State
  others Anglican, Catholicism, Christianity, Others
Ethnic Groups
English, Australian
  others Irish, Scottish
Demonym Australian, Aussie
Government Federal Parliamentary and Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Senate, House of Representatives
Prime Minister Edmund Barton
  : House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
King George I
  water (%) 76,868.5
Population 3,974,000 
Established January 26, 1788
Independence from British Empire
  declared January 1, 1901
  recognized January 1, 1901
Currency British Pound


Australia has a Federal Parliamentary and Constitutional Monarchy type government. They have a Senate and a House of Representatives as the legislative branch.


Australia has a fairly modern military force for the area. Most of the units are Australian, but the British maintain a presence.


The army has 25,000 soldiers. There are 5000 full time professional soldiers, 10,000 paid militia members, and 10,000 unpaid, volunteer members.


  • Beaumont-Adams Revolver
  • Enfield Revolver
  • Martini-Henry Rifle
  • Waler Horse


There are 2100 personnel in the Royal Australian Navy. They operate 18 boats, with most being small torpedo boats. The largest ships are four destroyers. The Australian Squadron of the Royal Navy provides assistance as well.


  • Destroyers
    • HMAS Sydney
    • HMAS Canberra
    • HMAS Melbourne
    • HMAS Perth
    • HMAS Brisbane
  • Gunboats
    • HMAS Albert (Armstrong-class, Decommissioned)
    • HMAS Gayundah (Armstrong-class)
    • HMAS Paluma (Armstrong-class)
    • HMAS Protector (Armstrong-class)
  • Monitors
    • HMAS Cerberus (Cerberus-Class)
  • Patrol Boat
    • HMAS Otter
  • Torpedo Boats
    • HMAS Chidlers (1st Class)
    • HMAS Countess of Hopetoun (1st Class)
    • HMAS Gordon (Turnabout-Class)
    • HMAS Lonsdale (1st Class)
    • HMAS Mosquito (2nd Class)
    • HMAS Nepean (1st Class)
    • HMAS TB 101 (2nd Class)
  • Torpedo Launch
    • HMAS Midge

Australian Squadron (Royal Navy)

  • Cruisers
    • HMS Mildura (Pearl-class)
    • HMS Phoebe (Pearl-class)
    • HMS Ringarooma (Pearl-class)
    • HMS Tauranga (Pearl-class)
    • HMS Wallaroo (Pearl-class)
  • Gunboats
    • HMS Sparrow (Redbreast-class)
  • Schooners
    • HMS Dart (Screw Schooner)
  • Torpedo Boats
    • HMS Boomarang (Sharpshooter-class)
    • HMS Karrakatta (Sharpshooter-class)

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