Australia is a Allied Power in Global Pacification: World at War.

History of Australia

June 1939

Week Two: Australia started to develop the tanks like M3 Stuarts and American M1A1 Abrams. While they start to build the navy ships and battleships in one of the ports, and military has troops recruiting.

Week Three: Australia saw a Japanese ships heading to bomb one of the Australian Ports like Darwin, Adeline, Botany Bay etc. Australia normally declares a war with Japan during the bomb, sending tanks and ships to defend Australian territory. The Government warns civilians to take cover while Japanese make a immense attack on Australia, making the war break out against Japan which cost a failure to US who warns Japan to stop attacking Australia.

Week Four: The war between Australia and Japan still continues while the tension rises at Australia with Japan making immense attack on Australia. Australian Armies send more troops, tanks and ships to defend the territory, while some amount of help came to us by British Forces and US Forces. Government thinks the civilians shouldn't be worried, but with a help could increase a good relations for US and British to Australia.

July 1939

Week One: Australia sends 400,000 men to defend the capital city of Australia, Canberra. While Japanese wants to have territorial expansion while attacking the capital city, more British forces assist 100,000 men to defend Australia from not getting completely axed out by Japan. More tanks and ships, but fighters also sended to defend Canberra.

Week Two: Australia sends more soldiers for about 300,000 but doesn't want to take all much of the risk than getting thrashed out by Japan. Meanwhile, more Allied Forces helping Australia to fend off Japan, but Japan does not give up as they aim to seize Sydney. Thomas Blamey, the Commander of Australian Army, informs that they could fend off Japan but looks of it Japan is still refusing it, and thinks they have to stop Japan from taking whole of Australian lands.

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