Republic of AustraliaTimeline: Emancipation (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Australia (except for Western Australia) and New Zealand
Flag of Australia 1870 — present
Australia Republican Flag.gif
Official languages English
Government Republic
 -  Prime Minster Richard Dry
 -  Declared Independence from UK 24 February 1870 
Drives on the Left

Australia, officially known as the Republic of Australia, is a country which declared themselves independent from the British Empire on the 24th February, 1870 which will become a date which is celebrated as their Independence day.


Uniting the colonies

Talks started to united the country in January 1861 with the colonies of the time was worried about an possible invasion by the Dutch as they had control over most of the East Indies and was possibility wanting to expand the area. The talks went over for four days about a possible draft for this new country. It was sent out to people to vote with most of the people voting in majority of uniting the colonies. The only colony that didn't want to unite was Western Australia who voted to not unite with the rest of the nation and in 1864, the country split from Australia as it was now called Westralia. For the rest of the nation, talks about helping each other out had begun.

Independence from Britain