Australian Commonwealth
Timeline: Death of an Empire

OTL equivalent: Australia
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Advance Australia (English)

Anthem "Advanced Australia Fair"
Capital Canberra
Largest city New Sydney
Other cities Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide
  others Mandarin Chinese
Religion Christianity 61.14%
Demonym Australian
Chancellor Tony Abbot
Area 7,692,024 km² km²
Population 29 million 
Independence January 26th 1901
Currency Australian Dollar (AUD)
Internet TLD .aus

Tony Abbot - Current Chancellor of Australia


The Commonwealth of Australia is a Pacific nation formed in 1901 from five separate colonies of the British Empire. With the Canadian coup against the government in 1905, Australia pledged support to the provisional government with diplomats and trade agreements. Edmund Barton; the country's first Prime Minister was asked to join the British Remnants but turned down the offer seeing that the failing Empire could take care of itself. The country went through hard times during the Great Depression in 1928-1935 although with a stable economy unlike the Remnants helped the nation through the crisis.


The Commonwealth is located in the Pacific Ocean so it doesn't border any nations by land but has maritime borders with New Zealand and th Kingdom of Papua New Guinea.


Chancellor Bob Hawke 1983-1993

World War 1

With WWI in 1938 against the Weimar Dictatorship ruled by Rudolph Hess and his adjutant Adolf Hitler the Commonwealth was thrust into a war alongside its allies Canada and New Zealand.     

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