Commonwealth of Australia
Timeline: 1861: Historical Failing

OTL equivalent: Australia
Flag of Australia (1861 HF) Coat of Arms of Australia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Australia
Location of Australia
Capital Canberra
Largest city Sydney
Language English
Demonym Australian(s)
Governor-General Elizabeth II
Peter Cosgrove
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Area 7,617,930 km²
Population 21,507,717 
Established 1901
Currency Australian Dollar (AUD)

Australia is a nation in Oceania.


States of Australia (1861 HF)
  1. Auralia (Adelaide)
  2. Australian Capital Territory (Canberra)
  3. Cook (Cairns)
  4. Dampieria (Port Hedland)
  5. Durack (Kununurra)
  6. Eyre (Roxby Downs)
  7. Fitzroy (Broome)
  8. Katherine (Darwin)
  9. Kimberley (Karlkurla)
  10. New England (Tamworth)
  11. New South Wales (Sydney)
  12. Princeland (Mount Gambier)
  13. Queensland (Rockhampton)
  14. Riverina (Wagga Wagga)
  15. Tasmania (Hobart)
  16. Torresia (Townsville)
  17. Uluru (Alice Springs)
  18. Warrego (Brisbane)
  19. Western Australia (Perth)

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