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Australasian War
(Australazië Oorlog)

TBD 1939 - TBD 1945


Australasian continent


Formation of the modern Cygnian state; occupation and rebuilding of Australie

  • Australien NASPI party flag Jozef Jansen
  • Australien NASPI party flag Hans van Heuten
  • Australien NASPI party flag Johan Vijolen
  • Australien NASPI party flag Israel Botha
  • Australien NASPI party flag 5,450,100
  • DRC-flag 6,750,408

Casualties and Losses

Total Dead: 1,890,750
Total Wounded: 2,187,120

Total Dead: 2,430,000
Total Wounded: 3,250,000


The Australasian War was a major conflict between the Australien Rijk and the Democratic Republic of Cygnia that lasted from 1939 to 1945.


1920s: Jozef Jansens Fascists come to power in Australie

1934: Cygnian coup d'état

1920s and 1930s: Arms race

1939: Australie invades Cygnia


1941: Australie controls most of inland Cygnia; protests occur in Cygnia

1942: Australie has reached the coastal city of [Placeholder] (OTL Denham). This splits remaining Cygnian territory into two: the south, and the northern Indonesian islands

1943: Prince Ellory arrives on the scene, is given de facto control of Cygnia

1944: By now the tide has turned. Cygnian forces have landed in Broome, and armies are coming north, liberating cities left, right and center


1945: The battle of New Hague is fought, Jansen commits suicide.

late 1945: Occupation and rebuilding of Australie begins, along with the de-Naspification of the country.

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