Augustus I
Augustus Ferdinand of the United States.jpg
King of the United States
Reign August 3, 1802 - May 2, 1813
Coronation February 10, 1803
Predecessor Henry I
Successor Augustus II
Spouse Elisabeth Louise of Brandenburg-Schwedt
Issue Princess Friederike of Prussia

Prince Frederick Henry of Prussia
Princess Louise of the United States
Prince Henry of America
[[ Prince Frederick Paul of Prussia]]
Augustus II of the United States

Full name
Augustus Ferdinand
House Hohenzollern-Amerika
Father Frederick William I of Prussia
Mother Sophia Dorothea of Hanover
Born May 23, 1730
Berlin, Prussia
Died May 2, 1813
Philadelphia Manor, United States

Burial May 18, 1813
Royal Cemetery, White Palace

Augustus I (Augustus Ferdinand; May 23, 1730 – May 2, 1813) was the King of the United States following his brother's death in 1802 to his death in 1813. While King, the Franco-American War erupted between the U.S. and Napoleonic France following major disputes over French territory in North America.

During the war, Augustus was a prominent military commander and won multiple battles due to his military prowess, most notably the battles of Kaskaskia and the Mississippi, which both resulted in decisive military victories for the Americans. After the war ended in 1808 with the Treaty of Baltimore, Augustus primarily focused on completely re-building the American Army along with Secretary of War Henry Dearborn. However, before he could put his plans to work, he died in 1813 at the age of 82. Due to his multiple military achievements, he is popularly known as "Augustus Caesar" after the Roman Emperor.Augustus.


Early life