Augustus II of Gaul
Augustus II.jpg
Emperor of Gaul, Lower Germania, and Britannia
Gallic Emperor 315-352
Predecessor Augustus
Successor Peter
Consort Claudia Flavia
Peter - Sixtus - Clement - Claudia
Full name
Augustus Lutetius Postumus
Royalty Augustinian Dynasty
Born 4 May 293
Lutetia, Gaul
Died 16 Aug 352 (aged 59)
Lutetia, Gaul
Occupation Emperor of Gaul
Religion Christianity (formerly Hellenistic)

Imperator Augustus II (293-315-352) was the fourth emperor of Gaul. He was the son of Imperator Augustus and his wife Regina Augusta.


Augustus came to power when he was relatively young. As a result of this he became greatly influenced by the senators, other family members, his mother, his wife, and his grandmother. His early reign was generally peaceful - prosperity ensued across the land. This ended when the Romans invaded in 336. The two armies clashed numerous times - Augustus’s armies, while at first victorious, began losing a steady stream of battles. The Romans reached Paris in 338. During the Great Siege of Paris, Augustus claimed to have had a vision. After a whole year, the exhausted Romans called off the siege. Soon enough, Augustus struck back. After the battle of Mongotiacum (338), the Romans surrendered. After this, Augustus declared himself a reborn Christian - claiming the vision was from Christ. He ordained himself a pious man and sought to purify his empire. He even exchanged letters with Pope Julius I.

Although Augustus had won the war, Gaul had some major rebuilding to do. Much of the groundwork was devastated and famine became common. He would spend the rest of his reign rebuilding Gaul. After a long rule, he reportedly died peacefully in his sleep (352). Notably, Pope Liberius came to the funeral of Augustus.

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