Augustus of Gaul
Emperor of Gaul, Lower Germania, and Britannia
Gallic Emperor 287-315
Predecessor Marius
Successor Augustus
Consort Augusta
Augustus II - Charis - Chloe - Candace - Julian
Full name
Augustus Julius Postumus
Royalty Augustinian Dynasty
Father Postumus
Mother Adela
Born 3 Dec 264
Lutetia, Gaul
Died 22 Sept 315 (aged 51)
Lutetia, Gaul
Occupation Emperor of Gaul
Religion Hellenism

Imperator Augustus (264-287-315) was the third emperor of the Gallic Empire.


Augustus succeeded his brother and managed to successfully imprison the pretender Tetricus in 288. He appeased the nobility by sending the second doctrine in 289 - titles had to be inherited, and could not be bought. Patricians were given titles according to their position and they were given local control over it - the first signs of feudalism.

He faced constant insurrections to the north by Germanic tribes, particularly the Vandals. This encouraged him to expand upon Hadrian’s Wall in 304 - he commissioned his brother Alexandrius as leading architect in 305. In Gaul he ordered the construction of many new towns and worked to strengthen the interior of his empire.

After the Roman Emperor Constantine declared himself Christian (313), the Senate requested that Augustus refute Constantine’s false religion. Augustus was apprehensive about this and decided to stay on the side panel. Shortly after his health began to falter, and he eventually succumbed to illness in 315.

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