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Audhild I Artym the Serious of Scandinavia
Timeline: Sino-Roman
Grandfather: Grandmother: Grandfather: Grandmother:
Enok Arendarski oo Zoja Arendarski Vova Arędarski oo Queen Dunya Artym
Father: Mother:
Jaromir Arendarski oo Queen Vanja Artym
Enok Arendarski m. Zoja Arendarski  Vova Arędarski m. Queen Dunya Artym
(1893-1950)     |  (1892-1989)      (1894-1927)    |  (1893-2007)   
                |                                  |
        Jaromir Arendarski         m.         Queen Vanja Artym
        (1912-1994)                |          (1912-2006)
     Sevastian Arnista   m.    Queen Audhild I Artym the Serious of Scandinavia              
     (1920-1989)         |     (1931)                      
   |                     |       |      |         |        |
Prince      m. Marlena  Prince  Prince  Prince   Prince   Princess  Stig        m. Tatian 
Leif        |  Artym    Sergey  Tyko    Staffan  Salomon  Sanna     Aviza       |  Aviza
Artym       |  (1950)   Artym   Artym   Artym    Artym    Artym     (1948-2008) |  (1950-1986)   
(1949-1985) |           (1953)  (1957)  (1960)   (1961)   (1962)                |
            |                                                                   |        
      Leopold Artym                             m.                         Danutė Artym
      (1972)                                    |                          (1973)
                                           Tikhon Artym

Audhild Artym, born on October 7, 1931, is the current Queen of the Kingdom of Scandinavia. Audhild is regarded as a moral authority in the state.

She is married to Sevastian Arnysta, who is involved in charitable activities in Scandinavia.

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