Auckland Sailfish

Auckland Sailfish

2015 Result Missed Finals (18th H/A)
Founded 2012

Australian Football League

Colours Navy Blue, Orange, Sky Blue
Premierships (none)
Ground Eden Park

Football Club of Auckland is an Australian rules football club competing in the Australian Football League and was established in 2012 prior to the 2013 season. The Sailfish became the first club from New Zealand to field a team in the competition. Auckland play their home matches in the nation's largest sports facility, Eden Park.

The Test Match

After the great success of the nine test games in 2011, all at various locations, Auckland saw the most success in a match featuring the Carlton Kangaroos and Richmond Bombers in a relatively tight affair. While the match was relatively one sided to Richmond, Carlton had kept chipping away and the Round 14 match ended drawn at 102. This followed preseason match played during the NAB Cup between Port Adelaide and Port Melbourne. Thus, the city of Auckland was granted expansion for 2013 due to the remaining 9 test games in 2012 (two of which were played in Auckland and planned to make sure the announcement wasn't a fluke). Following the test games played in Wellington from 2011-2012, the bid for a second New Zealand team was placed on hiatus pending the success of all Auckland home games as far as attendance to ensure sustainability within the market. Four of Auckland's five wins were at home, earning them a spot ahead of Port Adelaide and Gold Coast.

Avoiding the Bottom

Contrary to popular expectation, the Sailfish didn't place rock bottom in its first two seasons, by placing three spots and fourteen points from finals with a respectable 42 points for a second season's worth of work. But after sides competing to lay-off the bottom improved, the Sailfish stagnated with an 18 point performance finishing dead last on percentage, joint with the two West Australian clubs at 16 just two points behind GWS and only four points behind St. Kilda. This would mean that at least one of these teams should finish middle of the table given the scheduling matrix and having the benefit of playing each other twice. Auckland however did not make finals in 2014 unlike the Swans, Dockers, and Eagles while GWS had finished last. With the Sailfish avareaged between the five sides, they should have the best amount of optimism into 2016.

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