Atticus II
Timeline: Magnam Europae

Holy Roman Emperor
9 December 863 – 21 December 869

Predecessor Atticus I
Successor Constantine VII

Byzantine Emperor
4 December 863 – 21 December 869

Predecessor Atticus I
Successor Constantine VII

King of the Franks
4 December 863 – 21 December 869

Predecessor Atticus I
Successor Constantine VII
Born 2 April 842
Died 21 December 869
Spouse Maria of Constantinople
House Carolingian
Father Atticus I
Mother Aelia of Venice
Religion Christian

Atticus II (2 April 842- 21 December 869) was the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Frankish Empire from 4 December 863 until his death on 21 December 869. Assuming the throne from his father, Atticus I, Atticus II was in charge of cleaning the Frankish Empire up after the highly destructive First Viking War.

Early Life

Atticus II was born on 2 April 842 in Constantinople to Atticus I and Aelia of Venice. He was raised by his parents in Constantinople until 853, at which point he relocated to Athens to being studying under the strategos of the Hellas theme. While studying under the stragegos, he learned of military tactics and of governing a population. By the time his father died and it was time for Atticus II to inherit the throne, he was 21 years of age.


Following the death of Atticus I on 4 December 863, Atticus II became the Emperor of the Frankish Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire. Five days later, Atticus II became Holy Roman Emperor. Unfortunately for Atticus II, his rule was intermittent with economic and interior turmoil as a result of the First Viking War. Many major cities along the Rhine River were damaged, including the Frankish capital of Aachen. While Atticus II was able to rebuild important portions of the major cities affected by the First Viking War, the damage done by the war wouldn't be resolved for several decades. Furthermore, the economy of the Frankish Empire was in a state of ruin due to the loss of farmland and citizens during the First Viking War. Atticus II was able to counteract this to a point; he enacted several policies to repopulate the Rhine area.

His father's rule saw the acquisition of two subkingdoms into the Frankish Empire: Bohemia and Jutland. Atticus II was responsible for assimilating the peoples into the Frankish Kingdom, which was a challenge in and of itself.


Atticus II's rule was cut short by an illness he acquired while touring Bohemia. Due to a lack of suitable heirs, his brother, Constantine VII, assumed the throne as Frankish Emperor and Eastern Roman Emperor.