Attia of Gaul
Princeps of Gaul, Lower Germania, and Britannia
Full name
Attia Postuma Augusta
Royalty Augustinian Dynasty
Father Postumus I
Mother Adela
Born 2 March 270
Lutetia, Gallic Empire
Died 4 Dec 336 (aged 66)
Lutetia, Gaul
Occupation Princeps of Gaul
Religion Hellenism

Princeps Attia (270-336) was the fifth and final child of Regina Adela and Postumus I. She was fiercely independent, even refusing to marry. She came into conflict with her mother over Attia's wish to remain chaste. The conflict between the mother and daughter did not resolve itself; it ended with Adela's death in 290.

Later life

After Adela's death, Attia was granted an income of 10,000 denarii per year by her brother Augustus (291). With new-found freedom, Attia became a traveler and often wrote about her experiences. She eventually settled in Bretagne (circa 315). She outlived all of her siblings and died of natural causes (4 Dec 336).

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