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Governor Christopher Columbus meets with the leaders of the Lenape with an audacious plan. Columbus blames the huge outbreak of Smallpox on the French and their arrival in Columbia. The only way that the disease can be halted is to launch an attack on Nouveau-Bordeaux and wipe them out before they get a chance to reinforce.

Columbus is taking a huge gamble here. King Henry VII still has land in France and England is war-weary after a long and brutal civil war in the Wars of the Roses, and his orders were to not engage in warfare in the New World unless it threatened the colony. Columbus reasoned that losing the alliance with the Lenape and the French arrival in Columbia posed such a threat to New York.

The Lenape are hesitant to agree to Columbus' plan, but after raids by tribes from the north that had French guns throughout the winter of 1503, they agree the best way to deal with the problem was an attack on New France.

Forming his fleet of ships, now with fifteen galleons and a regiment of highly trained veterans of the War of the Roses at his command, Columbus launches an attack on Nouveau-Bordeaux in May 1504. The Lenape clash with French allied tribes to draw their attention away from the colony, and the British land with complete surprise at the beginning of June. Columbus captured the Governor of New France in a short battle, where the militia of New France was easily dispersed by the English veterans. He forces him to stop aiding the Lenape, and the fewer French colonists are forced to leave Nouveau-Bordeaux, and sent to Henrysland, which the English have not settled. English settlers are sent to the captured French town, which they rename Columbustown after their governor.

The French Governor is furious. Henrysland is rocky and ill-suited for agriculture, and the winter is harsh and many of his people die. He sends a boat back to France to tell the King of what has happened.

King Louis XII in Paris is shocked at the news of what happened. However, he is unsure of what his course of action should be. Should he declare war on the English, send more colonists (and soldiers!) to reclaim Nouveau-Bordeaux, or just give up on the colonization venture all together?

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