Atomic Treaty

Signing of the Atomic Treaty

World War II (2/9/1945))

Location: Moscow

Effective: 2/7/1945

Signatories: Soviet Union, Russia, United States of America, Canada, France, Great-Britain, China, Indian Union, Germany, Italy, Japan, Israel, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia, North-Korea, South-Korea, New Zealand, Spain.

Languages: English, Russian, French

The Atomic Treaty was a document accepted by most lawed countries within Europe, Asia and North-America. The treaty disallows the use of Atomic weapons unless in utmost need. The document was signed by some of the most important countries, the USA, Russia, China, Great-Britain and France. As well by smaller counties including Australia, North-Korea and South-Korea. One necessary country however needed to accept the treaty, did not accept, the Indian Union, which caused the start of the World War III.

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