Atom Heart Mother

Original LP Cover.

Studio album by Pink Floyd
Released 2 October 1970
Recorded Abbey Road Studios, March-August 1970
Genre Progressive rock
Length 54:42
Label Harvest
Producer Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd chronology
The Man and The Journey
Atom Heart Mother
The Son of Nothing

1. "Summer '68" (Wright)
Release: 10 October 1970

Atom Heart Mother is the fifth studio album by English progressive rock band Pink Floyd. It was released by Harvest and EMI Records 2 October 1970 in the UK, and by Harvest and Capitol on 10 October 1970 in the US.

During the production of the album, some orchestral segments were recorded for the title track, but never used. They were eventually released in bootlegs until the official version of "Pink Floyd: Behind the Studio".

It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, England, and was the band's first album to reach number 1 in the UK, while it reached number 37 in the US chart, eventually going gold there.

Atom Heart Mother is one of three album collaborations between Pink Floyd and Ron Geesin (Other collaborations were The Son of NothingHousehold Objects and Metallic Spheres).

Differences with OTL

  • The "Atom Heart Mother" album is partly different, because of its predecessor, The Man and The Journey, which had parts of fragments and effects of the album's songs.
  • Rain In The Country (Unknown Song) and Red Queen Gardens (Country Song, or The Red Queen Theme), unused songs in Zabriskie Point, were re-recorded for Atom Heart Mother.


Side One

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "Atom Heart Mother Suite" Wright, Waters, Gilmour, Mason, Geesin Instrumental 14:52
2. "Rain In The Country" Wright, Waters, Gilmour, Mason Instrumental 6:45
3. "Red Queen Gardens" Gilmour, Waters Gilmour, Waters 5:44
Total Length: 26:20

Side Two

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
7. "If" Waters Waters 4:31
8. "Summer '68" Wright Wright 5:29
9. "Fat Old Sun" Gilmour Gilmour 5:22
10. "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" Wright, Waters, Gilmour, Mason Instrumental 13:00
Total Length: 28:22

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