This is the continent of Atlantis from the ATL Atlantis: A World Away by CrimsonAssassin

Atlantis is a moderately sized continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The continent is home to a wide variety of climates. The soil is, for the most part, very rich. Farming is practical, as many lakes and rivers are scattered throughout the continent.

Geological History

Atlantis was formed during an upsurge of vulcanism while Pangea was being ripped apart. As the forming ridge was being created, lava had a tendency to shoot upwards, preventing cooling along the ridge for some time. By the time the last dinosaur breathed, a tiny island was peeking above the waters of the new Atlantic Ocean. Time went by and cooling lava was thrown about. The island grew and grew. The mid-atlantic ridge stopped this wild activity about five million years ago. By this time, the island was a continent.

To this day, the crust of the ocean floor is very weak. Volcanic islands are forming constantly.


The climate of Atlantis is relatively moderate. To the north, evergreen trees dominate the natural landscape. To the extreme middle is a desert. However, the desert attracts much tourism, as it is the famous Black Desert of Atlantis. The sands are filled with obsidian and black sands. Recent geological studies suggest that the area was once a fertile area. The south is a pleasant tropical area, which became an area of refuge from Africans near the Sahara. The area is home to many exotic birds, rivaling the Amazon Rain forest. Around the mid-Atlantic ridge is a dual range of mountains.


Atlantis Map- Regional

  1. Atlanti
  2. Paragus
  3. Mare
  4. El Paraiso
  5. Lionheart
  6. Torfan
  7. Apollo
  8. Agrus
  9. Les Eaux
  10. Black Desert
  11. Eden
  12. Scimitar
  13. As Águas

Future of Continent

The Earth's crust is constantly shifting. As Atlantis is sitting right ontop of a ridge, and therefore, two different plates, the continent could be pulled apart as the Americas pull away from Africa and Europe. There are then two theories:

  1. The continents will continue apart from each other and Asia will hit North America. California will be thrust upwards. A few million years after the Americas hit Asia, West Atlantis should ram into the eastern seaboard of North America. East Atlantis will hit Africa
  2. The continents will begin closing up the Atlantic Ocean. The Americas and Africa will run into Atlantis and thrust it upwards, creating a chain of mountains that will easily beat the Himilayans.

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