1606: After many years of war, the Chichimecs (N Mexico) are completely conquered; their lands are divided between Castillians and Mexica.

1613/14: English-Polish War. Poland loses OTL Trinidad, Haraldsborg to England.

1614: University of Cuzco founded. Tawantinsuyu (the Inca empire) starts to acquire European knowledge.

1619: Ahuitzotl II starts building a Mexican war fleet, to protect their trade against pirates.

1620-24: OTL Northern Peru and Ecuador reconquered by Inca empire.

1624: Incident in the Caribbean leads to the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal troops occupying the Florentine islands in the Caribbean (except Elba Nuova).

1628: When the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal breaks apart in the Old World, most of the colonies declare their loyalty to Spain (former Castille, right). Only a few islands in the Caribbean and the northern colonies in OTL Canada and New England stay loyal to king Henry VI.

1629: In Atlantis, the French-Spanish border is moved south, giving Virginia (OTL Georgia - named after the Virgin Mary) to France now.

1631: Sea battle of Jamaica. Castillians occupy English colonies in the Caribbean. England falls into financial crisis.

1632: France's ally Denmark-Braunschweig defeats the Dutch in Atlantis in the battle of Nieuw Brugge (OTL Easton, PA - later renamed Neubrück).

1633: University of Tenochtitlan founded.

Sweden fears that France might grab the former English colony of Braseal, so they occupy it instead.

1634: The former king Henry VI disappears in Atlantis, and in the following decades, many men will appear (in England, Atlantis and other places) claiming to be king Henry.

1637: Dissenter's Revolt in New England. Braunschweig-Denmark, supported by France, uses the situation to expand there / take old lands back. Only Markland (Canadian Maritimes and OTL Quebec) can defend itself during this decades, ironically, thanks to its strong garrison. Denmark-Braunschweig gets Haraldsborg back, plus becomes protector of the Commonwealth of New England (the dissenters prefer "the papist German king in Europe to the papist English governor in Markland"). German immigration now also goes to New England, where many new settlements are founded. English loyalists emigrate to Markland.

1642: The colonies of Denmark-Braunschweig (Martinsburg, Waldstätten, Nieuw-Nederland, Haraldsborg and Anderland) are united under a common administration.

1645: In the castle of Fontainebleau, the first "Mexican Garden" is made. Mexican gardens are influenced by the Aztec way of gardening / planting crops, putting many different colorful plants next to each other, forming geometrical patterns, with colors matching of course.

Since 1650: The settlements in the colonies of Denmark-Braunschweig and Florence, plus the New English Commonwealth, meanwhile have reached the official border to the French-claimed territory, which is still mostly settled by native Atlanteans.

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Earlier in time:

Atlantis 1550-1600



Later in time:

Atlantis 1650-1675

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