The history of Atlantis (the double continent which is called America in OTL) didn't diverge until its (lastest) discovery by the Danish prince Harald and his German captain Hans Meier in 1381. Denmark and Scotland were the first nations to build colonies there, but other Europeans (England, Netherlands, France, Castille, Florence / Italy, Braunschweig / Germany, Sweden, Poland, and since 1583, coming from the west instead of east, the Russian state of Novorossiya) would follow them. In 1402, the new continent was mentioned for the first time in a document under the name it finally got (ITTL, the works of Platon were read more often among the educated Western Europeans). The native population (commonly called Atlanteans) still suffered under colonial wars and especially European diseases which killed more than 50% of their people, although some states (of the Aztecs, Incas) survived for longer time.

History in blocks:



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