Ice Age

During the expansion of the glaciers, humans began to walk across the ice to the Americas through Beringia. Meanwhile, people were able to walk across the ice for a short amount of time to the northern part of Atlantis, called Lionheart. The humans set up villages in Modern-day Lionheart, but wanted to move south. After just 120 years of humans walking to and from Atlantis, the glaciers retreated.

The humans in Lionheart established settlements and made their way south to mainland Atlantis.

Early Atlantean Plague (1.5 MYA- .9 MYA)

A plague originated in modern-day Lionheart. It spread throughout much of the area. By 1 MYA, the human population of Lionheart was all but extinct. However, some tribes in mainland Atlantis managed to survive. The tribes grew.

Contact with Africa?

New discoveries prove that Atlantean humans made contact with the Africans as early as 90,000 years ago. As the glaciers receded, the tribes and colonization spread.

First Civilization

Around 4,000 years ago, a tribe began to rapidly expand. The tribe became the first Atlantean Civilization, the Uni-Khang. The Uni-Kang, at their height, controlled much of mainland Atlantis, from Atlanti to the Black Desert (which was not a desert at this time)

Another prime example of early Atlantean Civilization would be the Sand People. They made their home in the modern-day Black Desert. The soil was excellent for farming. However, their civilization died with the death of everything in that area!

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