The Atlantic Empire, also called Commercica and Salaria is a large empire spanning from Atlantis (OTL Antarctica) to Quebis (OTL Quebec) at its peak. The first cities sprang up around Y500 but the official empire was formed in Y870.


From about Y500, cities in Atlantis and Quebis sprang up, becoming very militaristic and commercial states. By the 750s, the largest city (Commercica) dominated affairs on Atlantis, and in 795 united the Atlantean cities on Atlantis. From 840-870, the Atlanteans conquered Quebis, thus forming the Atlantic Empire in Y870.

Slowly the Atlantic Empire settled islands throughout the Atlantic Ocean as well as habitable parts of Africa and Brazil. It also attempted to conquer the Portuguese cities of Lagos and Lisboa, but failed.

The Atlantic Empire grew more and more influential throughout the 2nd millennium. Its economic might peaked around 1700. In 1903, it invaded Androia, but the war dragged on for 30 years, resulting in an Atlantean defeat. This is considered the end of Atlantean prominence.

By 2050, Quebis and Africus revolted against the Atlantean cities, and civil war destroyed the Atlantean cities in 2077.

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