Conference called by France to be held in Athens to discuss the Anti-Ottoman Pact.

Invited Nations

  • French Empire
  • Kingdom of Italy (MOD)
  • Russian Empire
  • South German Empire
  • Kingdom of Greece


  • France: Egypt (as ATL) as protectorate and Cyprus.


  • Are we going to start a war against the Ottomans? If so, I make know my wish: Egypt becomes a Protectorate of France. I propose  an independent Constantinople, with the Patriarch establishing a temporal rule similar to the Papal States, to avoid disputes over the city. ~Victor
  • No Constantinople shall be Greek, while you may have Egypt. ~Wrto12
  • That works for me. And will Italy be granted Libya and Tunisia as asked in the Kaapstad Conference? ~Victor
  • I assume Italy would want what was granted it the conference but might ask for a bit more (See: Italian Islands of the Aegean) I would like to represent Italy in this conference considering that I'm obsessed with Italy, if any users have a problem with me doing that i won't. ~Oct
  • I am OK with Italy taking being given Libya and Tunisia, as well as Syria/Lebanon if they want. ~Wrto12
  • If we will divide the Levant, France would like to have Syria/Lebanon and proposes Palestine to be under a shared Catholic/Orthodox custody ~Victor
  • No I want this, I mean i got to get something out of this war. ~Wrto12
  • I would withdraw claims over Lebanon and Syria, and let South Germany have their claim if France gets Cyprus. ~Victor
  • Italy would like to press claims on Albania. ~ Oct
  • I believe it is about time for war with the Ottomans. But all of the members consent. It is time to cut the head off of the Ottoman snake. Time for Istanbul. You guys take what you want that is left. -Ethan