Atalia Nadast
Timeline: Great Empires

Atalia Nadast
Portrait of Atalia Nadast

Empress of Rome
2010 – Present

Predecessor: Sophia-Theodora
Successor: Nicholas Bagriationi
Born: 1799 AD
Home world:
Emperor of Rome: Joash III
Family: Bagriationi-Angelos
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Issue: Nicholas Bagriationi
 Atalia Nadast Chrelythia was the wife of Emperor Joash III and is Empress of the Roman Empire. Her home planet was Mortis and she was one of the few Chrelytians who ever left the planet, she was also one of the few Chrelytians who became Sendi. She is also one of the few to have married a human. She married him at the age of 203 and their relationship is one that helped consolidate the Intergalatic Republic. Her husband is one of the few humans to join the Sendi where he met her. Their relationship is known to be the strongest love and thus they are the guardian of First Piece.

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