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Asturia was a shortlived state on the Iberian peninsula.

Originally, it was carved out from Spain after the third French Republican War. The new republic covered the whole north of Spain between Navarre and Galicia, cutting off Castille from the sea.

In 1810, Britain tried again to support an anti-French uprising in Asturia, which the French suppressed again.

Over the years, the Asturians saw the French influence gradually become weaker. With the French-Roman Wars, which liberated one Iberian satellite after another (and brought them under the influence of New Rome instead), it became apparent that France lived on borrowed time. After the Third French-Roman War 1886/87, Asturia became a grand duchy under a son of the former New Roman Emperor Benedetto. However, this situation lasted less than a generation, since the twelve-year-old grand duke was toppled and had to flee after World War I, in October 1914. Soon after, they joined the kingdom of Castille.

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