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Assyrian Republic
Flag of Assyria.svg
CapitalNinwe (ܢܝܢܘܐ )
Official languages Syriac
Recognised regional languages Kurdish,

Assyria is a country in Asia bordering Syria  to the west, Kurdestan to the northeast, and Chaldea to the south.

Administrative division:


  1. Ninwe
  2. Ninwe plains
  3. Gozarto (OTL Al-Hasakah)
  4. Karkslok (Kirkuk)
  5. Nohadra (Dohuk)
  6. Arbel
  7. Taqrit
  8. Urhoy (OTL Sanliurfa)
  9. Mardin
  10. Hakkari


The country is home to some 13 974 000 people, mostly Assyrians (70%), but also Kurds (25%) ,Turkmens and Chaldeans. According to religion, most are Christians of the Assyrian Rite (71%), followed by other Christian communities, Yazdanists and Zoroastrians.

The official language is Assyrian, a local form of Aramaic, with Kurdish being spoken in the northern parts of the country and Syriac  around Gozarto.

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