The Association of Pacific States is an economic, political, and military association between the Empire of Japan and the Republic of Korea, Republic Hawai'i, Territory of Alyeska, Territory of Arizona, Japanese West American Mandate and Republic of California.


  • The Empire of Japan is allowed to overthrow the current government of any of the member states when necessary and install a new government, but is not allowed to take control.
  • All nations within the association will accept the Japanese Yen as currency alongside their main currency.
  • Japanese citizens will be allowed to freely live, work, and travel between all member nations without the need for a visa and vice versa.
  • Each of the member nations' capitals will have a specific district which will be under Japanese rule and considered Japanese soil.
  • Jeju island's defense will be administered by the Empire of Japan and will be considers Japanese soil, but it will remain under Korean jurisdiction and consider Korean soil.
  • All member nations will utilize the Japan Rail system for all rail transportation
  • All member nations will be able to export and import goods from each other without tariffs. 
  • All member nations will have "Kimigayo" as the Association Anthem

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