Dominion of Assiniboia
Dominion De Assiniboia
Timeline: Imperial M4

OTL equivalent: Manitoba
Manitoba Imperial M4 85px-G manitoba
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Dominion of Assiniboia

Vinitado En Colores (Spanish)
("Vinitated in Colors")

Anthem "
United States Navy Band - Gloria al Bravo Pueblo
Marcha Real-Royal March by US Navy Band
Capital Valldeza OTL:Winipeg
Largest city San Algravos (Sakstoon)
Other cities El Alferno, Regina, Uranium City, Lagos Selgarda
  others English, French, Inukitut
Religion Roman Catholicsm, Christiannity
Ethnic Groups
Mestizo, Spanish, Hispanics, American-Mexicana, Inuits
  others Whites, English or British, French
Demonym Assiniboian
Government Representative Democracy,

Dominion Kingdom of Spain

  legislature Royalistas Junta de Assiniboia
Prime Minister Felipe Masolco
  Monarch: Felipe VI of Spain
Area 647,797 plus Saskatchewan km²
Population 3.272 million (Jan 1, 2014) 
Established 1893
Independence from Spain
  declared 1895
Currency Assiniboian Dollar
Time Zone Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)
Calling Code +2
Internet TLD .as, .es, (Royal)
Organizations UN, Commonwealth of Nations, United Commonwealth
Assiniboia or Known as "Dominion of Assiniboia" Spanish:Dominion de Assiniboia" "French:Dominion du Assiniboia" Assiniboia has comprised with 13 Alcade Regiones, And Major Suppertrading Nation in Modern, and Largest Economic Success and Resolve some Problems with Languages in Regions, The Assiniboia Nicname Known as "First Spanish Militants In Keystone" the Government Resolve this Probles that All Ethnic Growth is From Other Galactic Nations.


Assiniboia was Sold to Spanish Empire thousands of Immigrants of Colonies and galicia and population grows and the Spanish Government knows that Native Reservation is Appearance,


Assiniboian Authorities Established Government And New Dominion Formed.

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