Three administrative bodies fall into the category of "assemblies of the Lords Military". They are called such because members have the prefix "Lord" in front of their rank (ex. Lord General, Lord Admiral, etc..). the three "Assemblies" are the Assemblies of the Lords General, Lords Admiral, and Lords Directoria, one for each of the main branches of the Azaranian military. Their main job is to provide the emperor with their "recommendation" the best suitable candidate for the "commander in chief" of their respective force, who the emperor almost always appoints to that post, the CIC then becomes, with the exception of the Emperors, are the highest Military Authority in their respective branches, upon the previous Commander's resignation, retirement, or removal from office.

There are two types of Lords Military, in the Army, and the Navy: ELMs and HELMs, Electing Lords Military, and High Electing Lords Military. Most of the Time, HELMs are Lords military in charge of the militaries of inner worlds, or the title is given as an honorary placement, and they are, during the assembly, no more than Primus inter Pares with the others, and equal to each other. While technically retaining a Higher Rank, HELMs generally do not have any power over ELMs, and the only people that do are the Commanders in Chief of the military branch(in terms of court marshaling for disobedience, etc ...). HELMs have, however, historically had two votes in the Assemblies instead of one for regular ELMs. However, the basis for this is purely traditional and can be overwritten by a decision of the Commander in chief or the Assembly of Lords military at will. Votes are given out in the form of Electoral Stars, A septagram encircled by an oraborous, similar to the one on the ELM and HELM shoulder board/Epaulettes, and traditionally, HELMs are given two stars as a badge of honor of high status, but it is unusual for them to use more than one.

The Assemblies have existed for almost as long as the military branches, and have always remained on top, despite adding of ranks because of military growth and restructuring. In the beginning, a Lord general was taking to a Marshal, or Master Marshal, and Lord Admiral like the modern Fleet or Flagship Admiral, but, however, with time, as the military grew, this ceased to be a reality, and the Lords Military were more than just Primus inter Pares, they became distinctly higher.

Assembly of the Lords General

Assembly of the Lords Admiral

Assembly of the Lords Directoria

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