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Assassination of Lenin (To Comrade Trotsky, The World)

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Vladimir Lenin was assassinated in 1921 by White anti-communist Yuri Makhno, who shot at Lenin 6 times with a Smith and Wesson revolver while he was inspecting the Red Guard on the anniversary of the October Revolution. Even though he hit Lenin with 4 shots he failed to die immediately. He survived for 3 days until finally succumbing to a combination of blood loss, lead poisoning and septicaemia. Makhno was bayoneted seconds after shooting by a officer of the Red Guard called Mikhail Tukhachevsky, who was hailed as a Soviet Patriot for his actions and his attempt to save Lenin's life. His bayonet became a symbol of patriotism and dedication to the cause in the Soviet Union and to socialists around the world. It was labelled the 'Spear of the Nation' by Trotsky and appeared on the new soviet flag. Trotsky succeeded Lenin after his assassination and became Soviet Premier.

New Soviet Flag: [1]

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