Horemheb XII, Pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire, was assassinated at 10:13 AM, on Wednesday May 15, 2010 at the Imperial Palace, in Sais.  Horemheb was shot several times in the body by a submachine gun, as he stepped out of his limousine while with his son and heir, Prince Seti.  The assailant was identify as Mahmoud Abbas, who was arrested immediately after the shooting.

The assassination had resounding effects on the global stage.  The United Islamic Republic was suspected as funding Abbas, though Abbas claimed he worked alone.  Abbas was publicly executed, by being devoured by crocodiles, a sentence lay down by succeeding Pharaoh, Seti XIV; the Council of Commoners did not protest the sentencing.


Horemheb had recently arrived back in Sais, after visits to China, and the Australian colonies, where he picked up Prince Seti, Heir Apparent to the Throne.  His plane touched down in Sais International Airport at approximately 9:45 AM.  Upon exiting the plane, both Royals entered the Imperial Limousine, and driven to the palace.  Horemheb called ahead to publicize his return to, in his words "Ensure the presence of the Pharaoh".  This would lead to large crowds being present during his drive from the airport, to the palace.


Upon arriving at the palace, Horemheb and Seti were greeted by large crowds of Egyptian citizens in front of the gates.  Seti emerged first, followed closely by his father.  Flanked by two guards, Horemheb emerged from the car, waving to the people surrounding the gates.  As he began to walk down the path leading into the palace, a man (Abbas) climbed over the barricade and advanced on the Pharaoh.  As the guards moved to intercept him, Abbas pulled out a submachine gun, and opened fire, yelling "Allahu Akbar" ("God is Great" in Arabic), followed by "Free the East".  Horemheb was shot approximately seven times in the chest.

After the shooting, Seti fell to his father's side.  One of the guards described Seti as reciting a religious prayer to the god Ra for his father.  The crowd promptly scattered in panic, and Abbas attempted to flee, but was immediately tackled, and apprehended by the guards.  Seti attempted to stop his father's bleeding, until paramedics arrived.  Horemheb was pronounced dead on the scene.

Others Wounded

Two guards behind the Pharaoh were clipped as well.  One of them suffered a minor wound to the arm, while the other was shot in the torso, and admitted to the hospital in critical condition.  Abbas himself was admitted with a cracked rib, as a result of being tackled by the guards.


The crowd promptly scattered after the shooting, though some people remained.  One guard recalls that a group of them were trying to impede Abbas escape.  As Abbas began to run, a group of people blocked his way, causing him pause, and giving the Royal Guard time to apprehend him.

Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas was recorded as first arriving in Sais on April 27, having come from Dubai.  He was arrested immediately after the shooting.  Several eyewitnesses, including Prince Seti, confirmed his presence in the procession, and his role in the shooting.

Though Abbas requested several times to speak with the UIR embassy, it was refused each time.  The UIR foreign branch demanded he be allowed an Arabic lawyer, in context of Islamic law, though the Egyptian government refused.  They reasoned that as it was a violation of Egyptian law, on Egyptian soil, Abbas would have to be tried by Egyptian law.  

Abbas was described as having openly boasted to fellow prisoners about the assassination.  He was reportedly assaulted several times by guards.  He was tried in the Royal Court, with Prince Seti, now Pharaoh Seti XIV, serving as judge.  Pleading guilty, Abbas said he had no regrets, and would gladly do it a second time.  Seti condemned him to death for the assassination of Pharaoh Horemheb XII, and sentenced him to death by crocodile.  Though a protest against this was filed to the Council of Commoners by the the foreign branch, the Councilors did not dispute the sentence.


The execution was carried out publicly, at the Temple of a Sobek in Sais.  Abbas was thrown into the square by a group of guards, and the four crocodiles were released into the nearby pool.  One of the accompanying guards said, "It didn't seem to really dawn on him what was happening, until those crocodiles swam out".  Abbas was promptly attacked by one of the crocodiles, and killed relatively quickly.  The remains were gathered by the High Priest of Sobek, and delivered to the UIR embassy.



The assassination of Horemheb drew near worldwide condemnation, and sympathy for Egypt.  Due to escalating tensions between the Egyptian Empire, and the United Islamic Republic, some suspected that the UIR had been directly or indirectly involved.

The assassination also shocked the Egyptian population throughout the entire Empire. People openly mourned and wept at the announcement of Horemheb's death.  Many were also concerned about the safety of Crown Prince Seti.

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