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Assassination of Georges Clemenceau (Reign of Roosevelt)

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Georges Clemenceau

The Premier of France

The Assassination of Georges Clemenceau occurred on 16 December 1920. The deed was done by an unknown person. The Premier was taking a tea break when a bullet flew through the window and enntered his heart and killed him. The shot was reported as coming from the Victory Parade outside, although no proof of this ever rose

The Assassination

On the 16th, a Victory Parade was happening outside, celebrating Allied Victory in World War I and the smaller defeat of the Germans. The Premier was in a state building that overlooked the Champs-Elysees watching. He was to give his speech from there soon. A great snowstorm was blowing outside, making it very difficult to see out. He was sipping his tea when a bullet flew through the window and penetrated his heart. The sound was heard by many, and people inside the building arrived to see what happened. By then, he was dead.


He died immediately, although he was taken to a nearby hospital. The doctors proclaimed him dead, and his funeral happened on Boxing Day.

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