Donald Cardigan was a prominent Washington, D.C. lawyer and businessman. He was always surrounded by a security detail of ten security guards. On October 20, 2007 Cardigan went to the Centurion Bank, a bank for customers with at least one million dollars in the bank, in Alexandria, Virginia. This would be a colossal mistake for Cardigan.


George Hansen, leader of the Liberation Army of America or LAA, a Communist militant group, wanted to start his group's armed campaign off with a bang. In order to do this Hansen had an LAA member infiltrate Centurion Bank to find information about their customers.

The informant soon found some great information for the group. He found that Cardigan would be visiting the bank to make a large transaction on Wednesday October 20, 2007. He thought that this would be a great time to strike against the bourgeoisie, and so did Hansen. The informant quit his job at the bank on the day before the attack.

The Attack

On October 20, 2007 at 1:57 P.M. Eastern Time, Donald Cardigan and his security detail entered the bank to make a large transaction. Outside in a van five men with RPK machine guns and masks led by Hansen himself waited to strike. At 2:08 the men entered the bank heavily armed. Hansen clearly shouted "Down with the bourgeoisie!" Cardigan's protection team opened fire with handguns, but were quickly neutralized by the Communists. Hansen ordered Cardigan down on his knees and then shot him in the chest several times, killing him instantly.

The Communists exited the bank, right as Officer James Hymitch got out of his car to give the getaway van a ticket for parking in a fire lane. Hymitch opened fire and a Communist opened fire and blasted the car door off its hinges, mortally wounding the officer in the process. The Communists then drove off in the getaway van.


The attack claimed the lives of eleven, including Cardigan and injured four Centurion Bank employees. The incident was highly covered in the national media. Many mourned for Cardigan, who was preparing to run for US Senate from the State of Maryland, where he lived. This incident also highlighted the Communists' cause.

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