The Aso or Acanthurus Sapiens are a species of sapient tang fish native to the coasts of Northern Australia. For some unusual reason a lineage of Acanthurus Nigricans had rapidly gained intelligence bordering on that of Humans. They resemble typical Nigricans, however, have much duller markings and a much bigger brain size, they also have fin rays which resemble fingers to manipulate food and objects. Like Humans their civilisation is relatively new, many sand sculptures have been built in their lands. During the 900's their empire which existed since 2000 BC had fractured into different states, for instance they established kingdoms in the Pacific and Indian ocean. While they coexist with Powder Blue Tangs and Achilles Tangs they have, however, wiped out 99 percent of Acanthurus Nigricans in their Southern range, mostly from competition for food resources and their historic hatred of their primitive ancestors. Many members of the Eastern Kingdoms are descended from Achilles Tangs and thus fly the "Orange Stripes". In the Western Kingdoms many members are descended from Powder Blue Tangs and in turn fly the "Blue Flag". Aso have the ability to mimic Human speech via making sounds with it's specialised swim bladder, one of the only two species of fish to make non linear sounds. Most Aso hybrids with closely related species are as intelligent as pure Aso if not more so as a result of hybrid vigor. However, many hybrids are prone to speech and fine motor skill impediments. For instance, the hybrid leader of the Svarian Union in the 1970's could not speak the standard Svarian dialect until the age of 2 nor English until the age of 5. However, his intellect and sense of leadership helped him overcome these difficulties.


Many Aso practice native customs. However, during the 1940's, a military uprising had grabbed the Indonesian marine regions effectively establishing a military dictatorship in the former kingdom of Sva based on Aso nationalism against the perceived dominance of Humanity, the monarchy was effectively dissolved and retreated to government positions. They rejected native customs on the basis it was backward and a hindrance to the development of the Svarian Union. Many surrounding states of the Aso had put economic sanctions on the Svarian Union as a result of mass executions and political and religious oppression. In the far flung regions of the oceans many cults such as the cult of the Kikler whale and the worship of Achilles and Powder Blue Tangs as gods exist such as Hibo the Achilles Tang God of Revenge or Etu the Powder Blue Tang Goddess of Love. The cult of the Killer whale also believe only those who pray to it shall receive good food supplies and good health. When a whale appears they immediately bow their heads to the sand and chant as a sign of respect and submission. As long as the year 4000 BC Humans have been worshiped as gods such as Yra the fishing God of death, kind of a parody to human eyes but to some Aso it is all too real to be mocked.

Svarian Terror

The Aso region of Svar had been gripped by a revolution as a result of famines and the perceived imbalance of power in favour of the monarchy and at the expense of both the military and the citizens. Humans were mostly unaware of this uprising until the 1950's when many local human fishermen were found mutilated or executed while diving. By the 1930's communication with Aso had already been achieved, The Svarian Union had managed to communicate with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Many Hybrids of Powder Blue Tangs and Achilles Tangs with Aso had migrated to the Svarian Union as the Svarian Union had a policy based on economic and racial equality, In fact, the Third Leader of the Svarian Union was a Achilles\Aso hybrid himself during the late 1970's. There was a crisis in California after a squad of Svarian Aligned rebels had massacred 400 humans at the beach in 1956 with knives and needle guns.

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