The Asian Powers was one of the belligerent alliances in the Pacific War, the other being the Allied Powers. The Asian Powers were officially formed on January 8th, 1924 when Japan and Korea signed a mutual defense treaty, and Japan later convinced the Chinese to join a few months later. The Asian Powers spent the spring and summer months amassing the mightiest coalition armies ever assembled - at its apex of power in 1925, the Asian Powers had 25,000,000 infantry soldiers, 7,500 naval vessels, an additional 50,000,000 soldiers in reserve, and had a crude air force of 1,500 airships and 8,000 planes. While at a severe technological disadvantage to the Americans, Oceanians, Alaskans and Colombians, the Asian Powers believed that they would be able to exert a "final victory" over the perceived impending foreign invasion through sheer numbers alone.

The Asian Powers were eventually defeated in the Western Hemisphere and sued for peace once their own home territories were directly threatened by Allied troops, hashing out the peace treaty of the Hilo Accords. 21 Asian generals were thereafter tried at New Delhi for war crimes, none of whom were Japanese, creating deep animosity between former allies for decades to come. The Asian Powers during the Pacific War were composed of:

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