This alternate history shows what would've happened if Asia, rather than Europe, dominated the world. What if the main powers of the world were China, Japan, Muslim Caliphates, Mongolia, India, and even the Khmer Empire?

Point(s) of Divergence

There two main points of Divergence.

1. In 1227, Genghis Khan continues his conquests, and does not die. He expands to conquer Byzantium and captures the Byzantine Empire, burning the city of Byzantium in 1229. However, he doesn't realize that some of his other captured territories are in battles with other countries. The Song Dynasty has pushed north toward the modern Chinese-Mongolian Border. The Korean Kingdom of Goryeo captures some Eastern lands. The Abbasid Caliphate expands into Turkemistan and Uzbekistan. When Genghis Khan realizes what he's lost, he is killed by Abbasids while marching back.

2. 100 years later, the Black Death continues to kill in 1355. Europe ends up losing 70% of its population by the time the Black death is finished, and it is anarchic. Marco Polo never goes to China, and the Silk Road doesn't happen because Asia becomes scared of the Black Death.

Other important factors:

  • In 1258, instead of moving their capital to Cairo after Mongols capture Baghdad, the Abbasids move their capital to Mecca. They also tax everyone coming into Mecca, causing the Government in Mecca to become extremely strong and powerful as people made their hadj.
  • Timur (Tamerlane) creates a restored Mongol Empire in the late 1300's to 1400's; Mongolia becomes major power and does not convert to Buddhism
  • Japan does not have a civil war in 1467
  • Rise of Monarchy and Mercantilism in Asia.
  • The 7 major Asian Empires (Abbasid, Mongol, Korean Empire (Joseon), Japan, India, Khmer Empire, and the Chinese Dynasties) develop Patriotism, different national religions, and countless wars.


The Superpowers

  • Abbasid Caliphate
  • Chinese Dynasties
  • Japanese Empire
  • Mongolian Empire
  • Korean Empire (Joseon)
  • India
  • Khmer Empire

The Large Countries

  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Majapahit Empire
  • Russian Empire
  • French Empire
  • English Empire
  • Spanish Empire
  • Portuguese Empire

Other Countries

  • Kingdom of Tondo (Philippines)
  • Dai Viet (Vietnamese Empire)
  • Hungarian Empire
  • Scandinavian States
  • Askia, Mali, Songhai, and Ghana
  • Inca, Aztec, and Native American Tribes

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