Country Capital

Central Asia

India[1] (Delhi)
Mongolia Ulan Bator
Russia[2] (Moskow)
South China[3] (Nanching)
Tibet Lhasa

Eastern Asia

Hong Kong Victoria
Japan Tokyo
Korea Seoul
Macau Nome de Deus
Manchuria Hsinking
North China Peiching
South China Nanching

Northern Asia

Japan[4] (Tokyo)
Russia[5] (Moskow)

Southeastern Asia

Southern Asia

Bhutan Thimphu
India Delhi
Iran Tehran
Maldives (UK) Malé
Nepal Kathmandu

Western Asia

Armenia Yerevan
Azerbaijan Baku
Bahrain Manama
Cyprus Nicosia
Georgia Tbilisi
Iraq Baghdad
Jordan Amman
Kuwait Kuwait
Lebanon Beirut
Palestina Jerusalem
Oman Muscat
Qatar Doha
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Syria Damascus
Turkey Ankara
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
Yemen Sanaá


  1. The Empire of India include territories such as Afghanistan and Turkestan, usually counted as Central Asia.
  2. Russia includes OTL Kazakhstan, counted as Central Asia.
  3. OTL Xinjiang is counted as Central Asia.
  4. Kamchatka, Magadan, and Chukotka, are under direct administration by Japan
  5. Most Siberia is part of Russia

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