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Emblem of the Ashrafi Dynasty

The Ashrafi Dynasty is the ruling family in the Empire of India  and has ruled over the Sultanate of Jaunpur and Bengal in the past. The Ashrafi Dynasty is also notable as being the only Bengali Imperial dynasty, not of Bengali descent but rather from Jaunpur. 

The Ashrafi Dynasty, as the ruling dynasty of the Empire of India, are one of the more powerful and connected political families in the India, with allies and resources across the Indian sub-continent and considerable influence within neighbouring areas.

Ashrafi Main Branch (Sultanate of Bengal)

The Ashrafi Main Branch has been the ruling royal family for Bengal since 1808 to date. The Ashrafi dynasty came to be when Sultan Asad Khan Lodi of Jaunpur married Sultana Safiatuddin Ashraf. Their issue, a pair of non-identical male twins, would form two new branches of rulers. Ahmad Shah I Lodi, the first born, would become the Sultan of the Sultanate of Jaunpur and would take control of the Lodi Branch of the family while Jehan Ashraf Shah, the second born would lead the Ashrafi Sub-Branch. These two branches would however cooperate and jointly rule over Jaunpur, although the former would generally have a greater say.

One of the descendants Jehan Ashraf Shah was an Ashrafi Prince, Mahmud Ashraf Shah I. This Prince would conquer Bengal in 1810, and establish the Ashrafi dynasty as the rulers of Bengal. Upon doing so, he would also announce the establishment of an Ashrafi Main Branch which would act completely separate from the Lodi dynasty. However, his son would later on marry a Lodi Princess, and establish a dynastic union with Jaunpur.

In essence, the Ashrafi Main Branch came out of the Lodi dynasty. It was indeed quarrels between the dynastic rulers of Jaunpur which led to complete separate of the Ashrafi sub-Branch from their Lodi brethren and the establishment of an Ashrafi Main Branch. Regardless of that, there was no general hatred between the two branches as the Ashrafi would establish their own Sultanate in Bengal. 

Under the Ashrafi dynasty, Bengal maintained close relations with the the Sultanate of Jaunpur as India entered the armaments and technological race between Deccan Sultanate, Bengal Sultanate, Jaunpur Sultanate, Dal Khalsa and Vijaynagara Rajya. Towards the mid-19th century, the Jaunpur military and Bengali military cooperated extensively on sharing technology in an attempt to gain leverage over their neighbours.

On 1880, the Lodi Main Branch and the Ashrafi Main Branch were united under Sultana Nur Jehan (Empress Farah Shah) who subsequently united India and established the Empire of India, centered in Kolkata. 

Lodi Main Branch (Sultanate of Jaunpur)

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