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This is a new type of map game where you control land and can gain more.

(1987) It all began when Black Monday happened. A coup occurred in Saudi Arabia. The leader of the coup was a Saudi fascist. After the coup was successful, he cut all oil to the United States.

(1988) Afterwards the United States banned Saudi goods along with other Western nations.

(1990) Oil prices began rising after the Saudi ban was put in place and other oil nations in the Middle East began running out of oil due to all the Western nations that needed oil.

(2003) Then the wars began in the Middle East for the last drops of oil. A civil war then began in Saudi Arabia concerning oil, but it was mainly about the ban. Kuwait made a small and strong army in order to defend their oil fields.

(2004) The nations of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt all fell into a civil war due to the high oil prices.

(2005) Then a new nation called the Caliphate was formed. With almost no oil if any left and a growing aggressive Taliban, Pakistan invaded Afghanistan but weeks later both fell into a civil war due to the Afghanistan invasion . India invaded parts of Pakistan during the Pakistani-Afghani War.

(2007) The United States and many other western nations joined a U.N mission.

(2009) The U.N. mission was destroyed when rebels and other countries joined together but quickly they turned their guns back on each other.

New players can join until no nations are left open.                                                                     


1 Random events can happen.

Ashes map 4

2 You can attack offline players.

3 Random events will happen when most players are on.

4 You can rename your nation.                                                                      
Saudi troops in combat with Saudi rebels

5 Nuclear weapons are illegal but you can get them and W.M.D.

6 Don't be a jerk and here is a link to some more rules.

7 If you want nuclear weapons and your nation I.R.L have nuke you can pick 1 boost.

1 5 year boost

2 Easily make more nukes (only happen when you build your 1st one) more rules

(If you break the rules three times or are a huge jerk your land will be given to a new players or to other players.)

If you want to attack or something else that's big leave it on my talk page or chat if I am on.

If it's a peace treaty you don't need to tell me tell I am online.

One turn is equivalent to one month in-game.


Head mod and creator: Bozistan

Co-Head mod: AH28


Egypt: Wrto12








Palestine insurgency:

Saudi Rebels:

U.S/U.N: AH28

Palestine:annexed by Israel


Iran: Revolution9

Turkey: Aaron


Saudi Arabia:




Islamic Afghanistan:

Israel: Tao64




The Caliphate: Bozistan






Kuwait: Annexed by Iran: Rev9

Kuwait insurgency:


The game will start at 4:30 (Aug/17/2015)


2009 Jan

The Caliphate: Moves on Baghdad taking heavy losses on their way but not in the city. Changing their capital from Damascus to Baghdad.

Saudi rebels
Kuwait: We build are army. We request an alliance with the Caliphate and collaboratively invade Iraq. If they reject the alliance we don't invade Iraq. We wish to join the UN and join their invasion of the Middle East. In return we give them lots of oil and they give us superior military. We defend our oil reserves. We sell oil to the west.

2009 Feb

The Caliphate accepts the alliance and moves into northern Iraqi taken some losses stopping at Tikrit.

RANDOM EVENT: The Kurdistan Party of Iran is protesting in the city of Mahabad, Naqadeh and Bajir and want to see Iran do something or they will break away to form Kurdistan.

Israel: Had remained aligned to the UN in the invasion, and openly asks for US aid in the turmoil in the Middle East.

Iran: We try to please the Kurdistan Party and make a political council for them to give them power. Meanwhile, we improve our economy and industry. We decide to modernize our nation to become a larger power in the world. A huge conscription begins with our army now at 300,000 men. Due to Kuwait's outrageous alliance request with the Caliphate, we invade the small country. We ask that the caliphate not intervene and we will give them a five-year NAP and possibly some Kuwait territory. We invade with 250,000 men, 200 tanks, 70 artillery, and 25 different air-vehicles. We arm our men with better guns and lots of supplies.

Iran invasion would be a success in the first few days but quickly got bog down from the Kuwaitis weaponry.

Overall Iran would win.

2009 Mar

Caliphate: Seeing the attack and invasion of Kuwait the Caliphate gives some of its land that has been recently conquered to Kuwait's president who fled as the last fall of Kuwait flag fall . The area is in norther Iraq but they must help the Caliphate.

RANDOM EVENT: Three car bomb attacks: one at the Iran city of Shādegān and two at the city Ābādān killing 25 in all by a group calling themselves the Kuwaiti Liberation Army (KLA) some say it is the Caliphate in disguise . U.S airstrikes on the Caliphate stopping their offences to Lebanon. Two bombings in Israel by an unknown group (12 KIA) and a small firefight with Caliphate and Israeli Army leaving two dead on the Israeli side and three on the Caliphate side. One car bomb (five KIA) in Turkey from the Kurdistan Party that wants freedom from Turkey.

Israel: Outraged, we declare war on the Caliphate, with support from the UN the invasion succeeds for the first few days, how ever it starts to develop into trench warfare.
Israel army
Caliphate: Outraged that a Israeli invasion over a small fire fight we declare jihad on Israel and allies with groups like Hamas staring a new round of bombings and missile attacks. Asking Iran to stay out or help them wipe Israel off the map.Due to this Invasion a new intifada called the March intifada has begun at the West Bank with people yelling "Tell Jerusalem".
File:C troops when the Israeli invasion happen.png

With the Kurds pleased and Kuwait defeated, we annex 4/5 of the country and give one=fifth to the Caliphate. We find four major hideouts of the KLA and we kill all rebels found totaling up to 140 KLA dead and 4 hideouts burned to the ground. We improve our military and many Kurdistan people join as it now stands at 320,000 men. With a more balanced political system, our economy and industry is at an all time high. We aren't happy with the Caliphate. However, due to the UN forces invading the Middle East, we ally with the Caliphate to stop Israel and UN forces. We send 100,000 men, 50 tanks, 20 artillery, and 10 air-vehicles to attack Israel which the Caliphate can command to go wherever on the battlefield needed. We send ten different missile strikes on major cities in Israel as well as sabotage.

RANDOM EVENT: With Shia Muslims not wanting to be under the Caliphate they annex themselves with Iran. One rogue Israeli soldier rushes into a crowded mosque on a Friday killing 33 and wounding 140 before getting stabbed 12 times and beaten to death from the crowd of 500 people before cutting his head off to show in the city of As Suwayda.

Do you mean the Iraq remnant? No, I mean Shia Muslims in iraq.

Turkey: Time after the explosion caused by the car bomb, Turkey finds out that the Kurdistan party was the one who did the attack.  Turkey declared the Kurdistan party a "terrorist group" and seizes all their property, arresting some members of it, but the leader and more members still are free.  Turkey orders its military and police to search through all the country for them.

The search:2/5 leader were found in the south of turkey by the Syrian border one hiding an AK in the truck they were in. As one leader sends a video say they will drown turkey with their blood. Most Kurdish people agree because of the way they were treated from the pass president. What will Turkey do with? is the question everyone is asking. 
Missel attack on israel

Caliphate: Fires five missiles at the city of Tel-ve 2 missiles were destroy mid air 1 miss it target and 1 hit an 3 story apartment kill 1 and 1 hit a Israeli police department killing 2 and hurting 3.Hamas gunmen attack at Israeli check point at the Gaza border killing 5 and kidnapping 1 but losing 6 in combat.Also giving kuwait more land. 

2009 Apr

Caliphate:Moves into Lebanon but was quickly stopped when moving into shia control Lebanon.Also showing off a P.O.W in the city of Damascus.   

RANDOM EVENT:An american scientists comes to the Israeli army with a deal. He will give Israeli a super drug that is non additive and can have a soldier fight 2 day without sleep and more.The drug is in a pill form ca

lled דופמין or shalen. The drug has been turn down from the U.K, Russia and,China with the U.S only using it for their army.   

Israel: Rejects the use of experimental drugs in the army, and the skillful Air Force defeats the enemy in the skies, with only minor losses. On the ground the situation is devolving.
Sum up

Caliphate: Shoots down one Israeli jet capturing now three Israeli troops. We gives Israel two options. First option: unite Gaza and the West Bank. Second option pullout of the invaded land of Syria or watch their soldiers get killed. Israel has three-day (IRL) to pick one. Would also like to open up talks with Iran to calm down tensions.

Iran: We improve economy and industry. We bring our army up to 350,000 men. We make treaty to end hostilities in war with US, Israel and Caliphate. Treaty of Jerusalem:

  • Caliphate gets Galil region of Israel
  • Due to Iran's help Caliphate gives all of Iraq to Iran
  • US pays major reparations for war damage in Middle East
  • Alliance is formed with Caliphate and Iran
  • A two-year NAP is enacted between all three countries
  • Caliphate: We'll take the deal if we get the Sunni parts of Iraq and Kuwait doesn't get invaded but will keep on fighting Israel. Begin military operation in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
  • RANDOM EVENT: Kurdistan party of Turkey has attack a cafe and bookstore with many gunmen and some hostage inside the cafe and bookstore inside in the city of Adana. Two massive car bombs in the city of Konya killing 35. More U.S airstrikes on the Caliphate slowing down their attack in Yemen.

Egypt: From a population of 82.06 million. Our army stands at one million soldiers, women are also recruited and making men and women from 20 to 30 mandatory to join the army women are also being given more rights in order to westernize. Other laws pass in order for the nation to westernize, more schools are built and infrastructure. We send 500,000 men, 700 tanks, 100 artillery, and 50 air vehicles to attack Israel from the south in a surprise attack using blitzkrieg tactics. We ask the Caliphate for an alliance.

Caliphate: We take the deal and want to have talks with Egypt and would like to see the West Bank and Gaza unite. Having a foreign jihadist boost from

Russia: 900

France: 700

America: 50

U.K: 500

Tunisia: 2000

Iranian Dip: We annex Iraq and Kuwait.

What is an Iran Dip?

America/UN: We invade the Caliphate, using the drugs to crush them. We plan the division of the Middle East when under control. We ask Saudi Arabia to give us oil and we'll aid your rebels. We build our army. We ask an alliance with Turkey, promising them lots of land from the Caliphate.

The invasion would of been a success in the first few weeks before been slowed down from Iran and Caliphate troops and weaponry.

Sum up 2

Israel diplomacy: promises to aid the invasion.

Caliphate: Seeing the invasion as a harsh attack on us we kill two Israeli P.O.W.

2009 May

Caliphate: We ally with insurgent groups in Somalia. We also ask Turkey, Egypt and Iran to join a Coalition to fight off the invaders and take the Holy lands. Also attack northern Syria and Jordan. Starting a new bombing campaign in Israel staring with a bombing of a Israeli bus killing 25. Also, we begin to work on our small mustard gas supply. We also disagree with the U.S media on the Christian and Jews in our land with our press officer saying this "We do not kill them for beginning Christian or Jew we give them three options and three days to pick them: 1) Pay us a protection tax, 2) Get out, 3) Face the sword. As you can see we don't force them into our religion because we don't agree with force conversions."

  • Egypt agrees to the Caliphate's proposal in forming a Coalition against the invaders.

RANDOM EVENT: U.S drug administration would like to check the U.S pills with some thinking that the drug is addictive even though the company that made the drug saying it not additive. The tests can take up to a year and a half.

Iran: We join coalition with Caliphate. We improve economy. We enlist many people into army which now stands at 450,000 due to war. We send all troops to attack Israel and US forces. We build up an air force and attack with 50 fighter planes and we bomb Tel Aviv with 150 bombers, killing many. We also use advanced anti-
BBC talking about Iran bomb
air missiles to shoot down the powerful Israeli air force, making it weak. We attack with 500 tanks also to wipe out ground forces. We use guerrilla warfare to kill U. S soldiers with Iranian soldiers and we send a missile strike of over 200 missiles to bomb major cities in Israel. We light Israel's industrial regions on fire starting mile-wide fires and destroying enemy manufacturing of war materiel.

There are a few problems like the 10-15 US soldiers with one Iranian soldier and any Muslim country bombing Jerusalem due to holy Islamic sites in the city (Tel Aviv seems more realistic). So I will have to take out a few parts.

Iran campaign: The bombing of cities in Israel losing up to 70 bombers and 25 jets, pushing Israeli troops back more than U.S troops due to the fact that U.S troops are using pills. Iran has taken huge losses - up to 90,00 in the few days of the invasion. Israel is able to save a few factories. Caliphate troops are also fighting on the Iranian side losing up to 70,000.

America/UN: We demand that we will not surrender. We invade the Suez Canal and continue invasion of the Caliphate. We offer alliance to Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia: We will take the deal if you 1) stop all bans on my products .2) Help me fight these "rebel3". 3) stop support of Israel.

Israel: Quickly makes gains again, and gains Lebanon as an ally. The Israel special forces destroy several SAM sites, plus driving back Egypt. The industrial parts are quickly repaired, and the Irani attacks only make the population madder, causing thousands to join our military.

Caliphate: We kill our last Israeli P.O.W on seven live Israeli major T.V shows. Then fire missiles from Gaza and Syria. We and start a new intifada kidnapping five Israelis - ages from 19 to 32. We also start a new ground attack through Gaza and part of Jordan that we have control. Also destroying U.N embassy cause the U.N to pull out leaving U.S on their own. With Caliphate army stands at 900,000.

Caliphate attack: Will be good in its first hours but after a few days it slows down from U.S Israeli troops. Gaza attack would have more hours but would also slows down due to Israeli defenses.

Iran: We improve economy and build many more war items. We decide to make a law that every man 20 tp 24 that is fit for service join army for five years. We have trouble enforcing law as many people try not to join but we still get 2.4 million troops in the military. We ask Russia and China to invade USA to distract them so we can defeat US-Israeli forces in Middle East and they can become bigger superpowers than USA. We invade Israel and try to gain 1500 px. We do this with two million troops on the ground, 1000 fighter planes, 500 bombers, and 800 tanks. This greatly outnumbers Israeli-American forces. We firebomb many major cities in Israel. Millions die in these many horrible attacks. Meanwhile, in a secret lab our scientists realize that the element used in US pills to make soldiers not fatigue becomes extremely acidic to the point of burning when mixed with a common element found everywhere. It can be absorbed through skin so gas masks are almost useless. This makes any human who has recently ingested the pill in extreme pain and weakness making them completely useless on the battlefield. We drop many canisters from planes filled with the element all over U. S camps and army positions. We fortify our front somewhat. We send huge missile strikes all over Israel.

Russia and China: We will not invaded America for some small war in the Middle East. We will send aid (not that one) we send over 20,000 tanks, 1000 jets and boycott Israeli and western stuff and advertize to train your army.

Iran airstrike: Loses up to 398 bombers, 700 jets and 600 tanks. Iranian death is unknown because it's super high.

Caliphate: We attack with Iran air cover and human wave attacks into U.N and Israeli land taking a land without mercy. We show on T.V the five Israelis telling Israelis to stay in their homes or we will kill them all. We are working with Iran on these attacks.

Egypt: We improve our infrastructure and our industry. We pass a law making conscription mandatory on people (both men and women) from 15-65. Using nationalist mass propaganda (as in Nazi Germany), the public support for our gov increases. We use Gaza as an attack point and we use a harsh attack on Israel's flank/the West Bank using an army of 3.8 million troops on the ground, 2800 fighter planes, 1400 bombers, and 3200 tanks.We fire/bomb many major cities in Israel. Millions of Jews die in these many horrible attacks as we target only at Jew populated areas.We use underground tunnels in Gaza Israel in order to infiltrate among their lines using suicide attacks on both US/Jew military outposts and Jew populated areas in Israel. We start mass murdering Jews on occupied lands/every Jew is executed on sight by a special very well trained unit of our army called SS Hassansins. We secretly start constructing more ships in order to attack the 'Merican/Jewish ships in Mediterranean. We also ask for Iranian aid/do the same thing in order to hit the 'Merican fleet when the time is right. With the ships we got we try to enforce a blockade on Israel and not let any Jew to flee. Our aircraft pilots are trained with kamikaze tactics and are asked to use them only if their aircraft are gonna get crashed/destroyed anyway.

Egypt attacks: The attack to the West Bank would be a success with minor losses. The Air force would lose up to 1100 planes, 600 bombers, and 2000 tanks. Number of deaths would be 800,000 to 900,000. More Israeli would just end up joining the army wanting to get payback with 80 percent of men and 60 percent of female joining. Israel death won't be in the millions but in the ten of thousands due to bomb shelters. Egypt's navy would be perfect and would end up losing but taking down a few destroyers from Kamikaze and missile attacks during the naval fight.

Hey - I didn't mean I only bombed them, I also meant that I inflicted a new holocaust to the Jews in the occupied lands almost all of the Jews ended up dead.

Israel: Reveals its nuclear program (no one can sabotage it because the location is top secret) and warns the enemy that if it continues to attack, Israel will bring suffering to them. The nuclear bomb prototypes are almost complete. Scientists plan to first test them on Tehran. Egypt fails to do anything to the Israeli war effort, as Israeli forces push them back, and due to the enemies harsh attacks we gain Jordan, Syria and Cyprus as allies, plus gaining aid from the EU. Tunisia supports us, as do Morocco and Turkmenistan. We invade Palestine and quickly overrun them, although a little resistance remains. We condemn the Caliphate and all the other enemies as evil, overly nationalist (for Egypt), religious fanatics, and a threat to humanity.

All Arab nations wouldn't ally with Israel for the Palestinian problem and you just invaded Palestine. Some of the Jordanians did join you.

Israel invasion: Would be a clean cut perfect attack but an intifada and an insurgency like Hamas would begin. Up to 102 Israeli troops would be killed during the invasion.

Most nations would condemned Israel nuclear threat some calling it the new N. Korea. With more nations supporting Egypt, Iran and some with the Caliphate. The only nations that would agree are most western nations. Rumors are even spreeing that N. Korea would sell their nukes to Iran, Egypt and Caliphate. Most nation are condemning Israel nukes for many reasons.

1 They were illegally made.

2 They seem like they will be used targeting cities.

Nations that are in the U.N (not in the invasion like Morocco, etc.) ask the U.S and U.N to stop this madness on both sides. U.N and U.S can veto or put up a ceasefire.

1. U.S and U.N troops will only defend themselves and not attack.

2. Israeli and the Middle Eastern nations will have a two-year ceasefire.

With a U.N member saying this "A nation that has gone through a holocaust should not bring one upon another nation."

Ceasefire: Egypt, Caliphate, Iran, and Israel have agreed to a ceasefire.

1. These Nations can't attack each other over W.M.D for four years.

2. Palestinians must have better living conditions and no more Illegal settlements.

3. Israel will return to pre-war boundaries

4. Egypt gets Gaza and a small part of Israel.

5. All Israeli Nukes are to be destroyed.

This will be called the March-May War ceasefire.

2009 June

Caliphate: We begin a harsh propaganda campaign all over the internet. We all ally with more insurgent groups over Africa starting a new Tet offenses all over Africa. We also begin a new campaign against the Saudi and Syrian regimes winning and losing in some spots.

Israel: Refuses to return Palestine, and detonates the nukes in the sea. We retain the research, and we also militarise the borders heavily.

Caliphate: We would like to start a nuclear program with Iran and Egypt as a means of self defense from the invaders. We also send gear to insurgents in Israel as a form of proxy war. We all will continue our attack into Somalia taking heavy losses but are able to take a big amount of land before stopping from loses. We also would like to join the United Nation to be seen as a country.

RANDOM EVENT: Massive riots happen all over Israel for a free Palestine state. KLA then attacks the mayor's house killing him and has guards. Egypt's current president had a heart attack and is in recovery. Who will be the vice president while the president recovers? Tje Caliphate leader was killed in a Israeli-American raid in the city of Hit. Who will become the new Caliph?

Caliphate: We have a new Caliph name Khaleel Yusef. We begin our move into Saudi government control area taking heavy losses attacking from all the openings we have.

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