Ascent 1967

With the Space Race brewing in the 50's the US and USSR end up racing for the moon! The Soviet space program is a success with a moon landing in 1967 with an American landing following a year later. The two superpowers race for the moon and its resources. Other countries follow in the later decades and the world is a bit more peaceful than OTL. Main POD, Kennedy survives assassination, Sergi Korolev lives until 1989, USSR doesn't disband until 2005 due to economic boom in 1992. Cuban Missile Crisis doesn't happen due to Space Race. The slight extension of the Space Race changed the course of the Cold War forever ...

This is an open timeline you may edit it or add pages but you must tell me before hand.


Soviet Lunar lander






Space Programs


1987 Mir Hijacking  

Comparisons to OTL

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